Carpenter Bees vs Natural Wood Fencing

Carpenter Bees vs Natural Wood Fencing

Do they sting?
Do they live in colonies?
Do they return every year?
Will they attack my house, deck, and backyard fencing?
How to get rid of them now!
How to kill the bees inside the tunnel hole!

DE is known mostly for its ability to naturally kill insects and pests such as fleas (this includes intestinal parasites). Because it is so strong, and also sharp, it easily punctures the exoskeleton of insects on a microscopic level – this causes them to dehydrate and perish.

Find it at the Home Depot for less than $12.50 safe for people and pets, only […]

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Knoxville Fence Contractor Bryant Fence CompanyFence School save money

That right! If you are going to purchase a backyard fence this year Educate Yourself with Fence School 101! An educated consumer will make sound buying decisions. What to expect from your contractor! Contractor checklist to ask and compare contractors! Is your contractor cutting corners? Using 100% concrete for footer foundation or a cheap inferior random SKAT MIX off the back of a trailer. Who picks up the dirt around the fence posts? Do you have an opportunity to walk the fence line in the daylight before paying for the final product? What materials are used, where can you see actual fencing installed by contractor?  Check out new fencing, and ALSO some older fencing (5-10 years old) to see how well it holds up.

Does your contractor have 3rd party referrals from Better Business Bureau, Google Plus, Yahoo ...

Does your contractor have a legitimate place of business (office and fence yard) or does he work out of a rental house and no stability. How long has your contractor been in business? Most fence contractors fail (go out of business) in the first 5 years. Check out the breakdowns for the different fences below for what you need to know before you purchase a backyard fence this year!

Vinyl Fence School 101

Windsor Vinyl Picket Maryville TennesseeKnoxville Vinyl and Aluminum FencingBuy direct from the factory! We own the factory and will make almost any style that you can find on the internet. We have been MAKING VINYL FENCING for over 16 years right here in Knoxville, Tennessee and have plenty of experience creating and professionally installing vinyl fencing gates and arbors for residential yards!  Vinyl Fence School 101 for all the facts...Costs, Colors, Warranty, comparisons


Aluminum Fence School 101

English Gardens Aluminum Fence Knoxville TennesseeFactory Direct Distributors for aluminum fencing and gates. Sloped gates, specialty sizes, steep slopes, not a problem! What specs do you need for your objectives?  Normal picket spacing is 4", we also have 3" spacing option for smaller pets, and even a 1-1/2" picket spacing for really small pets, and also a puppy rail style aluminum fencing. Ask us for a free quote on your maintenance free aluminum fencing. Before you contract your backyard fence check out Aluminum Fence School 101 for all the information you need to make a smart sound decision with your money!

Natural Wood Fence School 101

Natural Wood Fencing Knoxville TennesseeWhat is the BEST LUMBER for FENCING in EAST TENNESSEE? Climate, clay soil, insects (termites) all play a role in the best fence lumber to last in East Tennessee. What size fence do you need for your FENCE OBJECTIVES? Picket fencing - 3' or 4' or 5' high? Privacy fencing, shadowbox fencing, board on board privacy, custom wood fencing? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? CEDAR VS PINE FENCING? What lasts the longest in East Tennessee. What to expect with Natural Wood Fencing.  Check out Natural Wood Fence School 101 to make great sound investment in your backyard.



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Maryville Tn Vinyl fence 5 star checklist

Free Consumer Guide to Backyard Fencing

HELP! Backyard Fencing Solutions

Bryant Fence Company Knoxville Tn

HELP! Backyard Fencing Solutions

So, you need a backyard fence, not sure where to start? You are in the right place, that's what we do.

Backyard fencing is broken down into three fence materials: premium vinyl, black aluminum, and natural wood fencing

Backyard Fencing Objectives

Is the fencing for containment for children, pets, or senior adults? Maybe it's for privacy or marking a property boundary. By clarifying the objective for your fence you will narrow down the choices.

How Much Time Do You Want to Spend Maintaining Your Fence

Natural wood fence is initially the least expensive, but quickly surpasses the other fences in cost when factoring in staining and replacing parts. Premium Vinyl and Black Aluminum fencing choices are maintenance free requiring no painting and are impervious to insects.

How long do you plan to live in your present home?

1-5 years, up to 10 years, or longer than 10 years.  The longer you stay put the better the value of Premium Vinyl or Black Aluminum fence.  You see, after 10 years both Premium Vinyl and Black Aluminum fencing will retain 65% of original value while a natural wood fence may be at the end of useful life and worth practically nothing.

Let's not forget the budget!  

Premium Vinyl and Black Aluminum are both more expensive than Natural Wood Fencing. So you may be inclined to opt for natural wood fencing.  Don't get me wrong, natural wood fencing is a popular choice, as long as you know the long term total cost.



Knoxville Cedar Fence

Knoxville Cedar Fencing


Knoxville, Maryville, Sevierville, Morristown, Lake City, Rockwood, Loudon, Athens!  If you have one of these cedar fences you will know it! Termites infest this knock off cedar fence product within 5 years of installation.  What else happens? Water damage erodes the fence and fence posts.  Carpenter ants and many others use this cedar for food and shelter.  If you get more than 7 years with this cedar your are doing great. Watch how these homeowners get a little more life to their fence by driving metal stakes next to it, or by tying rope or bracing it, even running electrical tape to hold it together. Not a pretty site.


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Knoxville Cedar Fence

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Duct Taping Cedar Cypress Fencing

cedar cypress fencing Knoxville MaryvilleHow do you fix your cedar cypress fencing? Duct Tape, wood bracing, or maybe metal stakes. This will give you maybe another year or two. When you are ready to replace that ugly moldy termite infested fencing, give us a call for your last backyard fencing… factory direct lifetime vinyl or aluminum fencing.

Hundreds of these cedar cypress fences dot the subdivisions in Knoxville and Maryville Tennessee.  Thought you were getting a REAL WESTERN RED CEDAR FENCE, OOPS check that contract. You were sold a bill of goods. Yes contract says cedar fencing, does not specify what KIND OF CEDAR, WHAT GRADE OF CEDAR, WHAT LUMBER USED FOR PICKETS, BACKING RAILS, AND POSTS. Check out our TOP 10 Fencing Scams BAIT and SWITCH section.

How do these moldy, termite infested fences affect you personally? Home values plummet with the problems of these fences falling over, wobbly, termite infested. First impressions are completely shot down. Check with your real estate agent on the value loss of these dilapidated fences.  Not selling your home? Take another look at your beautiful home, manicured lawn, and beautiful landscaping. Now look at the ugly leaning fencing.  Now that you actually look at it, it's hurting the appearance of your home ( your investment).


Cedar cypress post fencing

Cedar cypress rotten post

cedar cypress fencing Knoxville MaryvilleIs this your cedar fencing? Cedar Cypress posts infested with termites within 5 years.  Normally termites damage is below ground, but you can clearly see the damage to all of these cedar cypress fencing.

cedar cypress fencing Knoxville MaryvilleYou can see these cedar cypress fencing all over Knoxville and Maryville. Falling over after only 5 years. Why is that? TERMITES! Yes termites love to eat up the cedar cypress fencing. Termites attack all wood and termites will also attack your home… floor joists, wall studs destroying your home.

Maryville Knoxville Cedar Cypress water damageIS THIS YOUR FENCE?

Why do the Cedar and Cypress posts deteriorate after only 5 years. Simply that the cedar and cypress posts are not all heartwood. You see trees have sapwood on the outside of the tree (the living part) and heartwood which is stronger resistant wood.  When small cypress and cedar trees are used for fencing you end up with lots of sapwood in the posts. And sapwood rots away quickly. Termites also eat right thru the sapwood.



Facedar cypress fencing Knoxville Maryvillecedar cypress fencing Knoxville Maryvillectory Direct Vinyl Privacy Fencing, Factory Direct Vinyl Picket Fencing, Vinyl Arbors and Pergolas.  Need aluminum fencing, how about factory direct distribution on residential aluminum fencing. Spacing for pickets 4" pool code, or 3" for small pets, or 1-1/2" for really small pets!






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