Vinyl Fence Maintenance: Part 2

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We are doing a series on Vinyl Fencing, taking a look at the value of vinyl fencing when compared to wood fencing, maintenance of vinyl fencing, qualities of vinyl fencing, and choosing a privacy vinyl fence. Today we are focusing on vinyl fence maintenance. Vinyl Fencing is maintenance FREE! No staining, painting, warping, or twisting!

Vinyl Fence Part 1: Value

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Let's talk numbers! I love getting a bargain! I mean if I can get something I really want for a deal then I love it even more than if I just buy it at the retail price. But I don't like to sacrifice a deal for value. Vinyl fencing is your best value in fencing!

Natural Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence

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Natural wood fence seems like the smart choice compared to vinyl fences when it comes to saving money on your fence purchase. Let's imagine 6 months after your fence purchase...what will you be doing? "Spending more of your money to keep your natural wood fence looking nice and fresh" An average estimate for the upkeep

Knoxville Fencing Company

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Knoxville Fencing Company  Who Do YOU Trust in your backyard?  When looking for quality fencing contractors you want to also consider the quality of the Knoxville fencing company and check references from reputable 3 parties.   Better Business Bureau - Knoxville Fencing Company Who do you trust in your backyard?  We have an A+ Rating with

Puppy Fencing Best Fences

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Fencing for a Puppy: Puppy Fencing Best FencesDid Santa bring your family a furry friend for Christmas this year? There are so many things to think about when getting a new puppy: grooming, housing, puppy training, and outdoor structures to contain your new pet. There are 3 basic options for containing your new puppy outside;


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Wood Fence REAL UPKEEP COSTS The warmth of Natural Wood Fencing is a great choice for many homeowners but you need to know all the information before your make a decision   How Long Will My New Fence Look...NEW? Great question! It will depend on several factors. Does Sealing a Fence Prevent Warpage?   Does

Knoxville Fence Contractor Bryant Fence Company

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    Knoxville Fence Contractor Bryant Fence Company That right! If you are going to purchase a backyard fence this year Educate Yourself with Fence School 101! An educated consumer will make sound buying decisions. What to expect from your contractor! Contractor checklist to ask and compare contractors! Is your contractor cutting corners? Using 100%

HELP! Backyard Fencing Solutions

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Premium Vinyl Fencing Premium Vinyl Fence Cost Premium Vinyl Fence Photos Premium Vinyl Fence Warranty Premium Vinyl 5 YEAR GATE WARRANTY   Black Aluminum Fencing Aluminum Fence Cost Aluminum Fence Photos Aluminum Fence Warranty Natural Wood Fencing Cedar, Cypress. Pine Comparison Natural Wood Fencing Cost Natural Wood Fencing Photos Natural Wood Fence Warranty     HELP!

Wood Fence Contractors Checklist

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Wood Fence Contractors Checklist Ok, you are serious about buying a backyard fence. Where do you start? How do you know you found a great contractor? Big yellow page ads? Large marketing campaign? Lot's of fencing in your subdivision? WELL…maybe.   LARGE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Truth is they have to do a lot of work to

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