Choosing a Privacy Vinyl Fence: Part 4

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We are doing a series on Vinyl Fencing, taking a look at the value of vinyl fencing compared to wood fencing, maintenance of vinyl fencing, qualities of vinyl fencing, and choosing a privacy vinyl fence. Today, we are focusing on choosing a privacy vinyl fence.

Let’s talk about backyard privacy fencing and what it costs!

First, most people only purchase a home 2 or 3 times over the course of their lives. They may even purchase a home that has an existing fence.  Here are some important questions to consider when purchasing a fence:

 How long do you plan to live here

  • starter home (1 – 5 years)
  • family home (10 – 25 years) 
  • condo

What is your budget…

Short term budget vs. long term budget. Natural wood fencing is less expensive on the front, but long term (10 + years) vinyl fencing is hands down the winner! Check out this Vinyl Fencing vs. Wood Fencing where we dive into the details of savings! 

What’s the purpose?

  • Children safety
  • Pet safety
  • Privacy
  • Swimming pool
  • Boundary fence
  • Aesthetics…

Are you going to maintain your home value by maintaining your fence…

A beautiful well-maintained fence reflects on you and showcases your home, while a discolored fence in need of staining and repairs will negatively affect your home’s value!  

How much time, energy, and money are you willing to invest every year on fence maintenance…

Check out this post about Vinyl Maintenance and this post about Vinyl Fence vs. Wood Fence. We show you exactly how you a vinyl fence is the best choice in the long run. Buying a fence is an investment for your home adding value and curb appeal!