Black English Gardens Picket Fence Clinton TennesseeThis is a beautiful secluded home off the Clinch River.  We don’t need a whole yard fenced in, just a “garden fence.” And it has to complement our home, blending in. Not only that, but we have a miniature Schnauzer to contain.

So, now that we have the objectives defined, we begin to look at specific fencing solutions for the Barr family.  Black aluminum fencing is an obvious choice for elegant fencing. It also matches the home decor.  With all of the trees and limited 4 hours of sunlight a day, we chose to stay away from the vinyl picket fencing for the mold dirt issues.

We just had an aluminum fence installed by Bryant Fence company to hold in our small pet. We are very happy with the crew and installation. Thanks, Jessie and Dianne Barr

Now don’t get me wrong, with the dampness and limited sunlight you will have algae growth, mold, and general moss issues to deal with. That is part of the natural effects of large trees surrounding the home.  The same effects will occur on both the vinyl and the aluminum fencing, you just don’t notice it on the black aluminum as much.

The Barrs also chose to tighten up the picket spacing from a standard 4″ opening (pool code) to a closer spacing between pickets of 3″ to keep their pet inside and away from danger.

To finish off the GARDEN FENCE  (patio fence), Dianne chose an ARCHED matching gate for her POINT OF ENTRY gate. The side walk will direct traffic to the front door, the decorative POINT OF ENTRY GATE adds a definition to the entrance and the fencing.

The beautiful wooded view is not obscured by the maintenance free aluminum fencing. Jessie and Dianne Barr are very happy with their choice.

English Gardens Picket Clinton