Are you shopping around for the best fencing prices? We have set up an easy to read table to show you a fencing comparison between our very popular styles  Aluminum vs Wood fencing.

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Aluminum Fencing


Aluminum fencing is an affordable fencing option especially depending on the style of fence you choose. When compared to the price of wrought iron fencing, aluminum is a much more reasonable option. The benefits of aluminum fencing include the limited maintenance required to take care of your fence. Aluminum fencing is not subject to the natural fibers like wood fencing, therefore it does not warp, twist, crack, or rot. Aluminum is a durable fencing material and able to withstand hot/cold temperatures, rain, sleet, snow, etc. Your property value will increase with an aluminum fence based on the curb appeal and creating an open and natural view of the fence.

Natural Wood Fencing



Wood fencing is one of the most affordable fencing options that will still add value to your property as well as meet the most common needs for fencing; pets, kids, and swimming pools. Maintenance over the course of your fences life can be very involved from pressure washing, staining, and painting. You may enjoy being able to paint or stain your fence any color you like. Durability of your wood fence is based on the wood fibers which will warp, twist, and rot due to natural occurring weather conditions such as temperature, rain, snow, and wind. This will cause you to need to replace boards or possibly sections of fence over the life of your fence. A wood fence can provide privacy and security for your home by choosing a fence style that has no spacing. When purchasing a wood fence you have the option of a picket (4 feet in height) or privacy (6 feet in height). These options an add to curb appeal and save you money.

Are you trying to decide between an Aluminum fence and a Wood fence?

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