Is Vinyl Fencing Right for You

Is Vinyl Fencing Right for You

Imperial Vinyl PrivacyWinsor Vinyl Picket FenceVinyl fencing got a bad rap from low cost box store products that only last a couple of years. What has changed in vinyl fencing? Everything! Vinyl not only comes in colors, we can now fabricate the vinyl extrusions to create an unlimited numbers of fence styles.




Vinyl Fencing Only Comes in White

Vinyl Fence colors Maryville TnMaybe back in the day, but this is 2015 and we have colors!!! White is still the most popular color, we also have TAN, ADOBE, and MOCHA (looks like wood grain cedar).

Vinyl is Environmentally Friendly

That’s right VINYL FENCING IS GREEN!  Consider all the trees needed to build a wood fence and all the waste lumber. Now multiply that by 6 times ( the vinyl fence outlasts wood fence 6 times).

All of those old wood fences end up filling up public landfills. Vinyl fencing will outlast wood fencing 6 to 1. And when you decide to replace the vinyl fence… it is recyclable!

Maintenance Free

TiO2 - Titanium Oxide Maryville Tn

TiO2 – Titanium Oxide

WOW! Who wants to spend every spring white washing  or staining their fence?  Replacing rotten boards, termite damaged fencing? Who wants to spend the weekends sanding down rusty wrought iron fencing? Not me! I’d rather be on the lake, the mountains, the beach, the links…anywhere but fixin’ fencing on my days off.

Premium vinyl fencing is manufactured with TIO2 (Titanium Oxide) a sunscreen material that is chemically and thermally bonded to the structural premium vinyl.  What does this mean to you? NO YELLOWING!  In fact, premium vinyl fencing like the vinyl from HOMELAND VINYL has a lifetime warranty that their vinyl fencing WILL NOT TURN YELLOW!


Knoxville Premium Vinyl 2000 fence DesignsOver 2,000 Designs

We started a company contest last year to see how many designs of premium vinyl fencing we could come up with. We reached 2000 designs the first week, and there are still more available.

Do you want to copy the look of a natural wood fence? You like the idea of the wood fencing designs but not the high maintenance required to keep it looking great? That’s what we do. We are the vinyl fence and gate and arbor fabrication plant. Most likely if you send us the design we can produce it in vinyl.





Vinyl Fencing Costs Less Than Wood or Wrought Iron Fencing

Initial costs for premium vinyl fencing will be about double the initial cost of natural wood fencing (first year before staining).  After initial installation the cost of maintaining a natural wood fence continues on to infinity (or fail).

Let’s take an average yard of 225′ of natural wood fence.  The first year costs to stain your natural wood fence after installation follows:

Cover area (6′ x 225′) =

65% Return on Investment (10 years)

That’s right! Try this with a wood fence and you are lucky they don’t deduct $ for an old rickety wood fence in need of staining and repairs! Premium Vinyl fencing holds value better than other fencing. Why? Because in 10 years, your fence will still look new! Not only that, you will have zero maintenance costs: no staining, sanding or priming. Also you don’t have problems from termites or fungus because vinyl is non porous and impervious to termites!





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