Maryville Pool Fence




Maryville public codes enforcement safety of the pool area. It is always best to check in with the local pool codes/building codes enforcement office to ensure your project is meeting the most current up-to-date codes.

Furthermore, I recommend to all my visitors to contact your homeowner’s insurance agent to confirm their specific requirements for your policy. Many times, the insurance policy will be MORE specific and restrictive than the current municipal code and that is their right. They are insuring you for loss or accident, after all.

A case in point is where the county code required a 48″ fence height for pool safety, and the insurance company required 60″. The insurance company can deny coverage for the pool or drop your policy altogether. So to be safe, also check in with your agent for their pool requirements…and get that in writing, email, fax, etc.



American Classic Aluminum Pool Safety fencing with an ARCHED pool safety gate

So as not to waste resources and reinvent the wheel, local communities will adopt a nationally recognized set of building codes (BOCA) and update to the most current code revision every few years. They may also vote for more stringent code requirements. A great example is that Knoxville City has adopted the BOCA 2012 Code Revision. This set minimum fence height for swimming pools as 48″, however, Knoxville City has increased this minimum height to 60″ which, reflects a growing trend across the country.

The pool code is going to give you the minimum requirements, you can always exceed the minimum to create a safer fence secured area.

Pool fencing to the right is the AMERICAN CLASSIC ALUMINUM FENCE, 48″ high. The pickets are close enough as to not let a 4″ sphere pass through (the idea is child’s head can pass through, then the child can enter). Gates open outward away from the pool and are self-closing and self-latching. Here you can see the gate release mechanism is 6″ above the gate (54″ height) to keep small children from reaching the release and entering the pool area.



Fincastle Historic Maryville

This 5′ high Fincastle Aluminum Fence meets the pool code in that the shortest picket is taller than 48″. However, if the pool code is for 60″ height this fence would not meet the code because the shortest picket must meet the height restriction.

For the majority of pool code fencing, this 60″ Fincastle Aluminum fence would meet pool code, so you need to check your local code requirements. Your professional fence contractor should also know your local codes, or be able to find them for you quickly. Remember, codes change and update every few years, so make sure you have the most recent updated code requirements.



Premium Vinyl American Classic Swimming Pool Fencing

Vinyl and aluminum fences are great choices for swimming pool fences because they have a great reputation for dependability and reliability along with maintenance-free factors.

This American Classic premium vinyl fence features the smooth “safety bar” top rail and has close picket spacing (less than 4″). The gate opens to the outside and is self-closing and self-latching. As with all of our pool picket fencing, it has a state-of-the-art magnetic pool code latch for extra safety.


vinyl privacy fence

Why do we have a 5-year vinyl gate labor warranty when the competition only has 12 months or less if you can get them back out to the job site?

We build our premium vinyl gates in our factory and use the GOOD STUFF to make our premium vinyl gates! Reinforced with aluminum and braced for extra strength, these gates have black heavy-duty stainless steel self-closing hinges. Our gates are FANTASTIC!

Add a state-of-the-art self-latching keyed Aqualatch for vinyl picket pool fence or Keystone keyed latch for vinyl privacy pool fence.