After a long winter has kept everyone hunkered down inside, the weather is starting to warm up and there are more sunny days ahead! You may get outside and take a look around your property to find that there is some work to do to get ready for spring and summer. Here are some tips for spring maintenance for your yard and fence.

Spring Clean Your Yard

You can start by cleaning up any debris that has been left behind by those cold winter days: Old leaves, branches, and anything else you may find that doesn’t belong in your yard. You may also want to remove dead plants and spray for weeds in your flower beds. This will create more room for new plants to grow. As the weather warms and continues to stay warm, you can begin fertilizing your lawn, planting flowers and shrubs, and adding a fresh layer of mulch. Springtime brings about the fresh beauty and renewal we need each year! Next, you will want to consider your fence maintenance depending on the type of fence you have installed on your property.

Maintenance for a Wood Fence

First, you will want to inspect your fence for any damage from the winter. Typical damage may include split fence boards, warped or rotting fence boards, or a sagging gate. You also will want to check to make sure your fence posts are still structurally sound. If your fence installer used concrete, the posts should still be solid, but it’s always a good idea to check. Then you may want to pressure wash your wood fence using cold water and no more than 500-800 psi. After that, you can seal the wood to protect against the spring and summer rains.

Maintenance for Vinyl and Aluminum Fences

While Vinyl and Aluminum fences are labeled as maintenance-free, you may still want to clean them up a bit after the long winter. The work on caring for your vinyl and aluminum fences is minimal when compared to wood fences. Again, you’ll want to check and make sure there are no broken sections of your fencing or sagging gates from heavy snow and ice. Cleaning up your vinyl or aluminum fence is as simple as a garden hose, dish soap, and a rag. For those tough-to-get stains, you may want to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It’s as easy as washing your car!

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