Consumer Guide to Backyard Fencing

Do you watch those HGTV shows where they buy a home and renovate for a family, only to always find overwhelming hidden costs?! We are always shocked that the homeowners weren’t warned to save a little money for some of those possible hidden costs that come along with a home renovation. When one of our fence specialists goes out on a FREE estimate, we hope to make sure that our homeowner is aware of any potential hidden costs for fence installation. We take our time explaining all aspects of your fence installation and how we can best prepare you for any problem areas that may present themselves during the installation process.

Landscaping – the slope of the property

Depending on the type of yard you have, landscaping, and the slope of your property can cause hidden costs for fence installation. If you live in the East Tennessee area, hills are abundant. It is a beautiful place but can cause difficulty when installing a fence. It is possible to install a fence on a slope, but it may require more work and time to install the fence properly. This can lead to additional costs due to labor and time. Make sure you discuss with your fence company how they plan to install a fence on a slope and how they price labor/time to install.

Type of Soil

The type of soil you have can mean hidden costs for fence installation. If your soil is loose, then your fence company will need to drill deeper holes and use more concrete than a typical installation. If your soil is rocky or clay then it may take longer to drill the holes to the typical 2 ft. depth. This may require more labor costs that can add up to your fence installation price.

Underground Utilities

Underground utilities should be called before a project begins to ensure that no underground wires are broken during the digging process for your fence installation. Be sure to ask your fence company if they call *811 to have underground utilities marked before the beginning of your project. Also, have your fence company clarify who will be required to pay to repair any wires, pipes, or any other underground utilities that get broken. This can be a hidden cost for fence installation. Make sure you are with a company that is upfront with you about these costs. You can also call *811 before your fence project takes place if your fence company does not take care of that.

Irrigation Systems

Do you have an irrigation system? Your irrigation system does not fall under *811 Call Before You Dig. Irrigation systems can be knicked or sliced any time you are installing a fence. It’s important to know how your fence company will handle such possibilities and if they have a plan for repairing the irrigation system. You will want to also determine who will pay for the repairs and who you should contact to repair the irrigation system if it is broken during the installation. Irrigation systems can be a hidden cost of fence installation that you may not think of!

Material Type

The type of material you use can also be a hidden cost for fence installation. If you are installing a natural wood fence, then it will be subject to warping and cracking over some time. There are some possibilities to help maintain the fence material such as staining and painting, but these will also require maintenance, which means possible costs. Other fence materials like aluminum fencing and vinyl fencing are virtually maintenance-free. This makes aluminum fencing and vinyl fencing attractive to many homeowners. However, there are occasional situations where your teenager may back into your fence with the car, hit the fence with the lawnmower, a storm may come through, etc. You will need to replace a portion of your fence or maybe a few boards. This can be a long-term hidden cost of fence installation.

Are you ready for fence installation?

We hope we have prepared you for some of the hidden costs of fence installation. We would love for you to meet with one of our fence specialists to help you determine the best fence for you to meet your needs! You can contact us for a FREE estimate and get all the details of how a fence installation can be perfect for you and your family!