Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville

Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville


Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville – Fencing

Shadowbox Privacy fenceHere is a great look for backyard fencing where the objectives are for privacy and airflow.  By shadowboxing the fencing you accomplish both goals.  Picket boards (1x6x6) are spaced on the outside of the fencing 9″ on center. Since we use a full 6″ wide, natural wood picket fence board (treated for termites) this will allow for an inside board and a 1″ overlap for privacy.

You may have seen some fencing installed with the backing rails lying flat vs. standing up.  When nailing the backing railing is nailed up flat, within the first year you will see some swagging of  the fence section.  The correct way to install the media privacy fence to nail the backing rails vertical, just like the floor joist .


Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville – Gates

Natural wood shadowbox gates are very very heavy! So heavy in fact that we beef up the gate posts and structure to help carry the load of these heavy gates.  Hinge side posts are double posted, with double concrete.  The gate panel is framed with 2″ x 4″ in a double Z shape for extra strength and rigidity.  We use 3 large black ornamental 8″ strap or T hinges on all 6′ high natural wood gates. Finally, we include 2 latches on these gates. The top latch is accessible from inside or outside while the bottom security latch is used on the inside only.



Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville – Shadowbox Wood Fence Costs

When looking at the cost of the shadowbox fencing, you need to consider a range to for the different options available such as inline fencing vs. normal construction, and larger fence posts vs. normal 4″ x 4″ posts, and  any decorative toppings to the shadowbox fencing.   So you can expect a cost from about $17.50 to $28.50 per linear foot for the installed shadowbox fence, with the majority of jobs in the $17.50 to $20.50 price range.

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