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Windsor Vinyl Picket Fences

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VINYL PICKET FENCES #5 Windsor Vinyl Picket Fences Windsor premium vinyl picket fencing adds a decorative look to your backyard fencing.  Scalloping pickets beautifully accent this home and gardens. Low-cost vinyl fencing Beautiful fencing Maintenance-free Color, height, picket spacing options CALL US TODAY! 865-947-9663

American Heritage Classic Vinyl Picket Fences

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VINYL PICKET FENCES #1 American Heritage Classic Vinyl Picket Fences CALL US TODAY 865-947-9663

English Gardens Vinyl Picket Fences

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VINYL PICKET FENCES #3 English Gardens Vinyl Picket Fences Vinyl picket fencing with alternating picket heights for a decorative look. Choice of sharp or dog ear picket tops. Call Us Today! 865-947-9663

Bryant Fencing & Gates

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Bryant Fencing & Gates provides you with the best quality fencing in the Knoxville area! Our gates are made of premium-grade vinyl fencing materials. Bryant fencing and gates are built tough, with rigid 2" x 3.5" routed gate upright frames and rigid v-channel extrusion gate bracing. We use black stainless steel horizontally adjustable, self-closing

Choosing a Privacy Vinyl Fence: Part 4

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We are doing a series on Vinyl Fencing, taking a look at the value of vinyl fencing compared to wood fencing, maintenance of vinyl fencing, qualities of vinyl fencing, and choosing a privacy vinyl fence. Today, we are focusing on choosing a privacy vinyl fence. Let's talk about backyard privacy fencing and what it costs!

Natural Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence

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A natural wood fence seems like the smart choice compared to vinyl fences when it comes to saving money on your fence purchase. Let's imagine... 6 months after your fence purchase, what will you be doing? "Spending more of your money to keep your natural wood fence looking nice and fresh" An average estimate

Knoxville Fencing Company

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Knoxville Fencing Company  Who Do YOU Trust in your backyard? When looking for quality fencing contractors, you want to also consider the quality of the Knoxville fencing company and check references from at least 3 reputable parties. Better Business Bureau - Knoxville Fencing Company Who do you trust in your backyard?  We have an A+

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