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Puppy Fencing Best Fences

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Fencing for a Puppy: Puppy Fencing Best FencesDid Santa bring your family a furry friend for Christmas this year? There are so many things to think about when getting a new puppy: grooming, housing, puppy training, and outdoor structures to contain your new pet. There are 3 basic options for containing your new puppy outside;

Vinyl Fence Installation Process

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Vinyl Fence Installation ProcessVinyl Fence FoundationYour fence foundation is crucial! Everything else is built on the fence foundation. So whether you choose the newer method of driving steel reinforcement posts deep into the ground or the traditional method of digging the hole and setting the post with 100% concrete...make sure this part is right!Steel Post

Knoxville Fence Contractor Bryant Fence Company

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    Knoxville Fence Contractor Bryant Fence Company That right! If you are going to purchase a backyard fence this year Educate Yourself with Fence School 101! An educated consumer will make sound buying decisions. What to expect from your contractor! Contractor checklist to ask and compare contractors! Is your contractor cutting corners? Using 100%

Top 5 Problems with Vinyl Gates

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Here are the TOP 5 Problems with Vinyl Gates and how to correct them. Number 4 will surprize you! Vinyl gates leaning, sagging, won’t open or close? Vinyl gate falling off the hinges? Check out our solutions! NO GATE FRAME This is an easy one to correct. Bryant Fence vinyl gates are built to last with

HELP! Backyard Fencing Solutions

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Premium Vinyl Fencing Premium Vinyl Fence Cost Premium Vinyl Fence Photos Premium Vinyl Fence Warranty Premium Vinyl 5 YEAR GATE WARRANTY   Black Aluminum Fencing Aluminum Fence Cost Aluminum Fence Photos Aluminum Fence Warranty Natural Wood Fencing Cedar, Cypress. Pine Comparison Natural Wood Fencing Cost Natural Wood Fencing Photos Natural Wood Fence Warranty     HELP!

Vinyl Fence Colors

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PREMIUM VINYL FENCING COLORS WHY BUY FROM THE FACTORY… PRICE, INVENTORY, REPAIR PARTS When considering backyard fencing, most homeowners think of the cheap looking box store vinyl fencing. Ok! Let's step it up a few notches and look at the premium vinyl fencing from our factory! Picket or privacy fence multiple styles, multiple colors, and

Knoxville Swimming Pool Gates

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What are the differences in POOL CODE GATES for Knoxville and Knox County Tennessee? Basically only the height of outside grade… Knox County is 48" and Knoxville is 60"    POOL CODES Knox County, Tennessee The basic requirement for Knox County pool code gate, check with you local code enforcement office for updates. Gates minimum

FREE FENCE ESTIMATE Knoxville Maryville

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Replacing an old cedar fence this year? Purchasing a brand new fence? Where are the property lines? Do I have to install brick columns? How do I contact the HOA? Who calls for gas, electric, cable, and water underground utilities marking? FREE FENCE ESTIMATE Knoxville Maryville Definitely get several fence quotes and compare companies before you buy

Backyard Fence Buying Guide

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Backyard Fence Buying Guide Purchasing a backyard fence this year? How do you know you are getting a square deal?  How much does it COST? What materials, vinyl aluminum wood are being used. What are the differences of each materials…is all cedar a western red cedar, is all vinyl protected from sun's UV rays, is aluminum

Fence Types Maryville Tennessee

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Fence Types Maryville Tennessee Backyard fencing in Maryville, Tennessee. If you are looking for some beautiful fencing check out these backyard beauties. Click on the photo to  jump to that page for more information. Before you purchase a fence be sure to download the FREE Backyard Fence Buying Guide. It is filled with info like

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