Natural Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence

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Natural wood fence seems like the smart choice compared to vinyl fences when it comes to saving money on your fence purchase. Let's imagine 6 months after your fence purchase...what will you be doing? "Spending more of your money to keep your natural wood fence looking nice and fresh" An average estimate for the upkeep

HELP! Backyard Fencing Solutions

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Premium Vinyl Fencing Premium Vinyl Fence Cost Premium Vinyl Fence Photos Premium Vinyl Fence Warranty Premium Vinyl 5 YEAR GATE WARRANTY   Black Aluminum Fencing Aluminum Fence Cost Aluminum Fence Photos Aluminum Fence Warranty Natural Wood Fencing Cedar, Cypress. Pine Comparison Natural Wood Fencing Cost Natural Wood Fencing Photos Natural Wood Fence Warranty     HELP!


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TOP 10 QUESTIONS NATURAL WOOD FENCE DAVID BRYANT, President Bryant Fence Company Hello, my name is David Bryant and we have been building backyard natural wood fences for over 33 years in East Tennessee. I have developed this site as an educational backyard fence site so that you the consumer can learn and

Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville

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Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville   Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville - Fencing Here is a great look for backyard fencing where the objectives are for privacy and airflow.  By shadowboxing the fencing you accomplish both goals.  Picket boards (1x6x6) are spaced on the outside of the fencing 9" on center. Since we use a

Maryville Natural Wood Fence

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TERMITE INFESTED CEDAR FENCE - BRACED TO STAND UP MARYVILLE NATURAL WOOD FENCE Is this your fence?  Cedar fence and less than 6 years old eaten up with termites? Did your fence salesman promise you that it would not warp, splinter or rot, or get termites? Get that CEDAR FENCE out of your

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