Can I fence on a sloped terrain?

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The rolling hills of East Tennessee can be beautiful and burdensome when you are building a fence. You’re back yard most likely is graded so that it slopes away from the house. If you are considering a fence you may be wondering exactly how a fence can be installed along those rolling hills. Not to

Cedar Fencing Maryville

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CEDAR FENCING MARYVILLE - ARE YOU FEEDING TERMITES IN YOUR BACKYARD? Are you looking for a long lasting natural wood fencing that holds up well to the elements of East Tennessee...wind, water, heat, cold, and TERMITES?  WELL, CEDAR IS NOT YOUR BACKYARD FENCING SOLUTION!    WHAT A DEAL! Post is rottening, pickets full of

Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville

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Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville   Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence Knoxville - Fencing Here is a great look for backyard fencing where the objectives are for privacy and airflow.  By shadowboxing the fencing you accomplish both goals.  Picket boards (1x6x6) are spaced on the outside of the fencing 9" on center. Since we use a

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