7 Problems with Vinyl Fencing They Don’t Want You to Know About!

1. Vinyl Fence Looks Cheap

Traditional English Vinyl Picket Fence Knoxville TennesseeRemember when wood windows were considered the only window to have? Except for the maintenance of yearly painting, oh and the windows would get painted shut, and they were not insulated, and the pulley ropes would rot out. And then came vinyl insulated replacement windows…no painting, no maintenance, opens and close easily, with energy saving thermally insulated frames and glass. Suddenly, no one wants the wood windows. Guess what! The market in fencing is following the same path!

Great strives in manufacturing has created beautiful vinyl fencing materials, not to be confused with the box store low end vinyl products. Computerized routing of premium vinyl fencing extrusion now accurately creates a consist quality of center cut vinyl fencing. With precision center cut routing of fencing extrusions your fencing always has both sides beautiful, eliminating the backing rails and ugly side associated with wood fencing.


2. Vinyl turns Yellow!

Yes its true, CHEAP PVC OR VINYL fencing WITHOUT TI O2 will turn yellow! That is low end vinyl fencing without Titanium Oxide. We only use premium vinyl extrusions that are chemically bonded with Titanium Oxide in the extrusion process. That’s why we buy full length bundles from the extrusion plant that contains 10 parts per thousand Titanium Oxide and comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty!

What is Titanium Oxide? Why do I need it?

premium vinyl fencingTodays premium vinyl fencing is made with vinyl extrusions that have bonded titanium oxide in the manufacturing process to produce the best vinyl products available!

This Bonded Titanium Oxide is like a sunscreen that deflects the suns harmful UV rays which would cause yellowing in normal low end vinyl products.

By adding this extra layer in the manufacturing process the Titanium Oxide is thermally and chemically bonded to the vinyl extrusion. This means it is actually one piece now and you cannot peel it off like with cheap vinyl imports!  The premium vinyl fencing is now stronger, more durable, and sun resistant for a quality life long fence product.



3. Vinyl Fencing has few style choices

I want to customize my fence. Using our fabrication equipment we have come up with over 300 possible premium vinyl fence styles to choose from. While it is true that most customers will choose our top 10 popular styles, we can customize to meet most requirements.

4. Vinyl Fencing because it is made up of chemicals and I want to be environmentally green

YES, TRUE AGAIN, PVC or Premium Vinyl Fencing is made of chemicals and yet installing Premium Vinyl Fencing is an environmentally green thing to do. The premium vinyl fencing is self contained, leeching no chemicals, the process in manufacturing uses little energy in the process, premium vinyl fencing will outlast wood fencing 8 to 1, keeping trees in the forest, and reducing landfill waste of old fencing. When premium vinyl fencing is removed it is easily recycled further saving our natural resources.


5. Vinyl Fencing cannot be installed close to the ground, cannot climb hills, it has to be stairstepped leaving triangle gapping under the fence where my dog can get out!

YES IT’S TRUE! … low end box store products that are glued in panels and attached to posts with brackets will have gapping underneath the bottom rail.

With our unique vinyl fabrication factory in Powell, we will cut and computer route the parts to make the premium vinyl fencing follow the grade, even climbing hills…just like a wood fence! Futhermore, since we computer route the posts at our shop our rails actually insert into our posts for a stronger fence! With the galvanized steel post reinforcement our posts are there to stay…straight and upright with no leaning!!!


6. Vinyl Gates are flimsy and do not hold up!

TRUE AGAIN! Those gate panels from the box stores are merely fence sections cut down and hinges attached! If your fence contractor does not know how to build a vinyl gate…WATCH OUT!

We route and build gates at our shop, our Premium Vinyl Gates with a 5 year installation limited warranty, our gates are built tough, with rigid 2″x3.5″ routed gate upright frames and rigid v-channel extrusion gate bracing, attached with white cap stainless steel screws. We use black stainless steel horizontally adjustable, tension adustable, self closing heavy duty hinges specifically designed for vinyl gates. And finally, we use aluminum H beam extrusion gate post stiffeners on the hinge side of the gate AND the latch side of the gate.

7. Vinyl Fencing is flimsy, and falls apart after a couple of years.

YES IT’S TRUE! Low End Box Store Vinyl Fencing that is GLUED together does have problems holding up to the weather. Wonder why they can sell that low end glued vinyl product so cheap?…Because it is LOW END VINYL PRODUCT!!!

The Premium Vinyl Fencing that we fabricate and install is of a thicker gauge, higher quality, and costs more. A set of car brake pads that last for 15,000 miles may seem like a great deal when for a little more you can have brake pads that last for 75,000 miles. We CENTER ROUTE all the vinyl fencing parts to insert inside each other without the use of cheap external brackets. This insertion method is a strong system interweaving the product with itself and results in our vinyl fencing appearance the same on both inside and outside of the fence. We have premium vinyl fencing installed that is over 16 years old and still looks great!



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