Aluminum Fence Pricing

Aluminum Fence Pricing – Popular Aluminum Styles

One of the first questions homeowners voice is: HOW MUCH DOES ALUMINUM FENCING COST? I will answer that question here on this blog!

Let’s start with the most popular styles that you see below. Traditional English (style A), Classic American (style B), style C, and English Gardens (style D) are all the same amount of aluminum materials per section, and the labor is the same for these installations so the aluminum fencing cost is the same for all four of these styles listed here. For residential homes, swimming pools, and backyards, we try to stay with the 4′, 4-1/2′, and 5′ heights. The aluminum fencing cost increases with the additional aluminum associated with the taller heights.

aluminum fence cost

As for the aluminum fencing cost of these panels, most similar styles cost the same. The cost increases the more aluminum that’s required for that style. For example, I base my pricing on the aluminum fencing cost on the black 48″ high residential aluminum fencing (<4″ spacing) that is pool code approved for most areas.  Aluminum fencing with spacing at 3″ will have more aluminum pickets and thus cost more. A puppy rail will cost even more because it requires a 4th rail, and the aluminum fence posts will all need that 4th hole routed to accept the 4th rail and thus costs more.

aluminum fence cost

So, for the most part, the Classic English Aluminum Fence, the English Gardens Aluminum Fence, and the Traditional English Aluminum Fence (all 48″) high all cost the same amount with gates 4’x4′ and 4’x5′ costing slightly more.

When you decrease the picket spacing you increase the total number of pickets per section and increase the cost, likewise when you increase the fence height from 48″ to 60″ you also increase the aluminum fencing cost.

How is the installation labor charge different for the 48′ and 60″ fences and also the different picket spacing?  Until you get into the commercial-grade of aluminum fencing, all the aluminum fencing styles cost pretty much the same for installation. After all, it’s the same hole, the same amount of concrete, and the same size of post, so that part of the equation doesn’t change much within the residential aluminum fencing.

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english gardens aluminum fence

English Gardens Aluminum Gate

 Aluminum Fencing Cost – Fence Styles

Three main styles to choose from in order of popularity, Traditional English Aluminum FenceClassic American Aluminum Fence, and the English Gardens Aluminum Fence.

Also Puppy Rail Aluminum Fence  (where the lower part of the fence has an extra rail and pickets), Savannah Aluminum Fence (double pickets, with every other one points above the rail). There are more possibilities, but these are our most popular aluminum fences.

Aluminum Fence Cost – Fence Colors

Black (89%), bronze (9%), white, hunter green, and custom colors are available. The most popular color is black (and we keep lots of black parts in stock for repairs). Repairs from accidents from lawnmowers, golf carts, bicycles, trees, cars….you name it. If you need repair parts after ordering a specific color, it will take longer to receive the parts and cost more for shipping a small amount. Most homeowners choose black aluminum fencing because it closely resembles black wrought iron fencing.

Aluminum Fence Cost – Fence Height

Aluminum fencing will come in all heights from 3′ to 8′ with the most common being 4′ and then 5′. We don’t recommend residential aluminum fencing taller than 5′ for aesthetics; however, sometimes the need arises when security is an issue.

Aluminum Fence Cost – Fence Gates

Gates are my favorite part of the fence project. As a product of function, aluminum makes for a great long-lasting gate. These gates can be 3′ to 6′ wide, be flat across the top, arch across the top, and scoop across the top. I always like to spice up the main fence entrance with a decorative arched point of entry focus gate. This adds a little flair to the fence and also establishes the preferred direction of foot traffic.

aluminum fence cost

A secondary gate is normally a lawn/landscaper’s gate 5′ wide. I recommend a removable ACCESS PANEL for infrequent vehicle passage. A double panel car gate is recommended for frequent use, these gates are flat, arched, or an estate gate.

Aluminum Fence Cost – Fence Accessories

These are the little accent points that can spice up your fence! Picket finials, round decorative post toppers, deck mounts, wall mounts, and additional trim pieces. As with all options, these little fellows can raise the aluminum fencing cost quickly, to as much as half of the original aluminum fencing cost.

Aluminum Fence Cost – Summary

With all of these available options, I have to give a range for the aluminum fence cost. Assuming a 225′ fence, and 2 gates (1 – 4′ wide and 1 – 5′ wide the installed cost of fencing will range from $4,650.00 to $8,850.00 with the majority of the fencing jobs ranging between $5,700.00 to $7,500.00.

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