Can I fence on a sloped terrain?

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The rolling hills of East Tennessee can be beautiful and burdensome when you are building a fence. You’re back yard most likely is graded so that it slopes away from the house. If you are considering a fence you may be wondering exactly how a fence can be installed along those rolling hills. Not to

Aluminum Fence Installation Process

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Aluminum Fence Installation Process Aluminum Fence Installation Process - Layout the Yard Review plan with home owner (any changes to written plan) Establish property lines Establish gate locations and access panels Aluminum Fence Installation Process - Installing Your Fence 100% concrete backfill last four inches with dirt   Aluminum Fence Installation Process - Finishing Touches

English Gardens Black Aluminum Fencing

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Beautiful secluded home off the Clinch River.  We don't need a whole yard fenced in just a "garden fence".  And it has to complement our home, blending in. Not only that but we have a miniature Schnauzer to contain.   So, now that we have the objectives defined we begin to look at specific fencing

Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee

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Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee Looks like wrought iron fencing without any of the maintenance! What kind of fence is that?  Aluminum backyard fencing with a lifetime paint warranty! No rusting, no sanding, no priming, and no painting.  Aluminum fence has the elegant appearance of wrought iron fence without the mess! Aluminum Fencing Chattanooga Tennessee -

Aluminum vs Wood Picket Fence Honest Comparison

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Aluminum vs Wood Picket Fence Honest Comparison   Aluminum vs Wood Fence an Honest Comparison We have customers ask us all the time, Which is Better? Aluminum or Wood  Picket Fencing? Both are great fence choices and have very different qualities to consider. Some of our customers like the natural wood picket fence for the


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Wood Vinyl Aluminum Fence - Comparison Great question to start off with for the blog, what ARE  the differences and similarities between the most popular fencing materials WOOD, VINYL, and  ALUMINUM? Will it make a difference to me which one I choose? Well, OK.  To start with we really need to start with a plan,

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